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Since childhood I was quite an intuitive child.It all started in small day to day things...

Hello readers, I am  Roshan Sylvia, born and brought up in India. I am a science graduate and an MBA degree holder. Since childhood I was quite an intuitive child. It all started in small day to day things for instance : before  any guests arrived at home I would know before hand that such and such a person would visit us. My dreams told me a lot about the things to come.

One such dream was about princess Diana's death. I was barely 17 years old when one night I dreamt that Princess Diana was in a car that was crossing a tunnel and suddenly the car crashed, I saw her getting out of the car and changing her clothes, she then put on white clothes and walked away. I was too surprised regarding this dream wondering what it meant. The next morning though the headlines gave me the answer.

I started studying palmistry at the age of 10, I  would read the palm of my family members just for fun. I would sense the feelings of strangers just by looking at them. I would feel the vibrations of houses .

As I grew older, I read palms of people and told them things that came true always. That's when I felt that I had special gifts of reading the future in different ways.

Being a totally scientific mind  and a strong believer in Lord Jesus Christ I decided to put away my gifts and not to speak much about them... Untill recently while praying and meditating I had a strange experience wherein the Divine somehow told me to restart helping people with this gift of intuition. Later I studied Tarots to learn the art of unveiling the future with cards. So here I am before you with my capacities to guide you by looking into your future and to a large extent change and transform your future into a brighter one. My approach to the arts of divination and astrology is extremely spiritual.