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"We all seek to reassure ourselves , to know what the future holds, to be comforted in the decisions we have to take.
My gifts of clairvoyance and my ability to read tarots will help you make proper choices in the present to avoid negative traps in the future.My words will touch your heart and give you the keys to liberate you from your past and transform your future."
Roshan Sylvia


Testimonials from clients who had a recorded reading from Roshan Sylvia.

  • Roshan Sylvia has always given me a good guidance through her readings. I have had a very tough time in my personal life, she has always protected me by giving her guidance. The readings are spot on. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs genuine guidance. Thank you very much Roshan mam.
    in February 2021
  • Roshan Sylvia’s reading was on point. Not only did Sylvia prepare me well for the challenges I was going to face in one of the domains of my life but she also gave me the remedy to tackle those obstacles. She is indeed god gifted with a wholesome sense of humour and wisdom. I would certainly recommend her without an iota of doubt.
    Suha, Canada
    in February 2021
  • I had a wonderful reading with Roshan. She is a beautiful amazing soft hearted and compassionate soul and incredible clairvoyant. She gave me some really good advice for the future. I highly recommend working with her!!!
    Antigoni, Germany
    in February 2021
  • Roshan’s reading really helped me understand a lot about myself and how to become more aware of my relationships going forward. I listened quite a few times and I am very appreciate of her help. God bless!
    Venetia, US
    in July 2021
  • I have been an ardent follower of Sylvia Roshan videos on her YouTube channel and always wanted to take a consultation from her. I am amazed at the accuracy of her readings and the guidance she has provided me. My only wish would be that the waiting time for the readings be reduced to a week or two rather than months however I do understand due to her schedule this may not be feasible, God bless you Sylvia Roshan always .. Thank you so much .
    Rose V, India
    in July 2021
  • Ms Sylvia's reading was very insightful and helpful. She is truly blessed with a magnificent gift. Her advice has been extremely beneficial to me and my family. Love and light.
    S. Pillay, SOUTH AFRICA
    in July 2021
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