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Roshan Sylvia


Roshan has a superhuman gift of clairvoyance. Her ability to intuitively connect with the souls of humans thousands of miles away and "re-introduce them to themselves is unparalleled. I am honored and grateful to have met her and to have experienced her astonishing gift. My life will forever be positively impacted by some of the insights that she shared with me. It is now more clear to me , who i am relative to who I was born to be :):)


May 2023, , United States
I had been tuning in to Roshan's horoscope readings for a few years now, on her YouTube channel. She may be the only one that gives an accurate unbias depiction of every zodiac sign. Recently, I'd reached my limit on my longtime relationship and needed some spiritual guidance. I generally do not reach out to any public figures, but something in me felt that she was genuine and truly gifted. I did my first reading with her and it was like a breath of fresh air. I could finally release emotions I'd been feeling and gain more clarity on my situation. I proceeded to having my significant other to do her personal coaching sessions, him completing 5 and I did the last two. We both learned that we are indeed soul mates and of our many past lives together. These sessions have been extremely effective and will help determine how we choose to move forward. I would recommend her to anyone needing spiritual guidance. Yes, the clairvoyance is there, but she is also very, kind, nurturing, and most of all, she listens without condemnation or judgment.


May 2023, , United States
I got a reading from Sylvia concerning my life path. She was spot on, and knew exactly who I was and where I wanted to go. I also got to know more about alternatives paths that resonnated with me on a deep level. I recently discovered that I can work with energies to heal and she confirmed it. I totally recommend her !


August 2021, , France
Ms Sylvia's reading was very insightful and helpful. She is truly blessed with a magnificent gift. Her advice has been extremely beneficial to me and my family. Love and light.

S. Pillay

July 2021, , SOUTH AFRICA
Roshan’s reading really helped me understand a lot about myself and how to become more aware of my relationships going forward. I listened quite a few times and I am very appreciate of her help. God bless!


July 2021, , US
I booked a consultation with Sylvia after watching her tarot readings on Youtube and seeing that most of them turned out real. To be honest, I did not know what to expect from the consultation, and when it happened, I thought, this is not what I want to hear. But I kept of listing to it, and soon, I realized that not only it was an accurate assessment of my situation, but also each word was a suggestion to make things better. I am still in a dark place, but now I can see a little light. The words Sylvia says to you are like titles of books: it is up to you to search for the books and read them when you are ready. Thank you Sylvia.


July 2021, , France
I have been an ardent follower of Sylvia Roshan videos on her YouTube channel and always wanted to take a consultation from her. I am amazed at the accuracy of her readings and the guidance she has provided me. My only wish would be that the waiting time for the readings be reduced to a week or two rather than months however I do understand due to her schedule this may not be feasible, God bless you Sylvia Roshan always .. Thank you so much .

Rose V

July 2021, , India
Roshan Sylvia’s reading was on point. Not only did Sylvia prepare me well for the challenges I was going to face in one of the domains of my life but she also gave me the remedy to tackle those obstacles. She is indeed god gifted with a wholesome sense of humour and wisdom. I would certainly recommend her without an iota of doubt.


February 2021, , Canada
Roshan Sylvia has always given me a good guidance through her readings. I have had a very tough time in my personal life, she has always protected me by giving her guidance. The readings are spot on. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs genuine guidance. Thank you very much Roshan mam.


February 2021, ,
I had a wonderful reading with Roshan. She is a beautiful amazing soft hearted and compassionate soul and incredible clairvoyant. She gave me some really good advice for the future. I highly recommend working with her!!!


February 2021, , Germany
Finally I found someone that has the capacity to predict the events that are going to take place. She can perceive with lots of accuracy the people and events through her tarot card reading. But most of all, she guides us and advises us with wisdom and lots of love. Thanks a lot for all the good work you do for us Sylvia.


December 2017, niort, france
Hi I know Sylvia and had consulted her for Tarrot readings and i am glad that she has guided me to right path I highly recommend her services to all.


July 2017, Bangalore, India
Sylvia I know her since her Childhood and have seen her interest in Palmistry, Tarot Reading since those days. She has very good predictions and she only does not predict but also guides one who seeks her advice. Giving an Aura of Positive Energy to the people around her she gives a focus reading who approach her. Wishing her Luck and Praying she continues with her Charm and intuition ahead.


July 2017, Ahmednagar, India
When I asked Sylvia to do my palm reading, I didnt know what to expect. But after she got back to me , I was so happy with her readings that I also tried tarot as well name analysis for me & my son. Her analysis is precise , to the point and positive. Just perfect. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your tips and guidance :)


December 2016, , Australia
Sylvia a most content and human of excellence. . To which a believe make more stronger to feel her predictions are very clear and true she has a very simple way to make people understand and come out of thier problems.

seema shetty

December 2016, davanagere, India
Before Meeting Mme Sylvia, I didn't know what to expect, what was going to happen. But after meeting her, felt as if I was transformed. When you show your hands to her, she will look at them minutely silently and then she starts speaking about you as if she could read everything clearly : your past, your history, your dreams, your talents, health, familly... It feels as if she can read through you as you would read a book. That was impressive. I found answers to my questions and to date what she had foreseen has happened. You must try it at least once. I sincerely recommend her to every body.


December 2016, Niort, France
I found sylvia to be very genuine. And communication with her was very helpful ,


December 2016, Ahmednagar, India
.....Long back in 1993, when I got thru the campus interviews of one of the companies...the employer asked me to join in Ahmednagar.....a completely new place for a person who had hardly lived out of UP... But as we say... destiny is the master, which has got it's own priorities....I landed in to a college to pursue MBA rather focussing on job... आया था नौकरी करने, पर बैठ गया पढ़ाई करने ,,,।। I feel that it was destined so to meet..... this Angel named Sylvia ... in no time I realized , God has blessed her with some powers ....sparkling forehead ... positive vibes eyes ..and a face to answer everyone problem... if anyone is in trouble , may approach her.....AND SURELY SHE HAS AN ANSWER TO RESOLVE IT .... ...As the time progresses, I found her inclination to read someone's past and predict his future quite accurately...and rightly so...she was named due course.... Years passed on, I was sailing smoothly in my life ....but suddenly 2 years back , I started facing very tough phase of my life from all after another challange...personal, medical, official...u name any ..and I am in.... Finding no way forward .....I was very disheartened....शायद ऊपर वाले को दया आयी,,,,and her name strikes in my mind as devdoot ....I approached her with my status.... With all shock of my life, with hardly any detailed update of kind of hell I was going thru.......she explained every bit of it and it's impact on my personal / work life..... She also predicted about the future part with some remedial actions be followed by me..... I gradually started following what she said....though recovery period is still to be completed as per her prediction but whatever time has goneby....I find some solace in my life and so am happy in continuing what she recommended..... Guys, This episode is further making me staunch believer of this angel named....SYLVIA...


December 2016, Pune, India
I am impress by the results..


December 2016, , India
There are some happenings, events and psyche which sometimes even advanced medical science cannot predict for which the outcomes may not be favourable....however there is no such hinderence when having a talk with Roshan sylvia who is a learned and well versed, she understands the problem of the seeker and advises him through her own miraculaous way....she is really blessed with this power,,, I am happy to recommend her to any of my medical Fraternity friends.

Dr Raviraj

December 2016, Sheffield, England
She is good and accurate. I am very satisfied to know certain things about myself that very clearly helped me. I would like others to also consult her to get a clear picture and get rid of false hopes.


December 2016, , India
"I know Sylvia since 1994 & got a chance to show her my hand just for curiosity sake to know about myself & my future !!! I was amazed to get the accurate predictions about my past & future which really guides me to move ahead in life with more determination & cautious way.... I do keep on seeking advice from her via email , phone as well .She has a vast knowledge about the numerology as well ..... I visited her once in France to seek advice from her about some personal problems which thanks to her have been resolved with utmost satisfaction ..I would highly recommend her for the consultation due to her professional & personal attention to all the minute details of problems related to love life, family problems , career , health related issues & much more with precise predictions & solutions to have solace & peace of mind .....!!!!"


December 2016, Dubai, United Arab Emirate
"It's my great pleasure to recommend Roshan Sylvia. She has a very good knowledge about tarot & has a deep and detailed knowledge of her subject. She is consistent, reliable and accurate. I am very satisfied to know certain things about myself that very clearly helped me to take my future steps. Accordingly I would like others to also consult her to get a clear picture and get rid of false hopes."


December 2016, , India
I Had my Consultation with Sylvia almost 2 years ago When I was in a dilemma about leaving my job and freelancing. Speaking to her gave me a very clear positive view and Helped me in taking the right decision.Now two years after I firmly believe that I took a right decision and I am doing well in my career. Thanks to Sylvia :)


December 2016, Mumbai, Inde
"I had my first palmistry consultation with Sylvia a month ago. She revealed my past without knowing anything about me. She could describe with great accuracy my childhood and other important events of my life. It was very impressive. She filled me with positive vibes and gave me lots of strength. She revived the courage in me that I had lost. She is at the same time very positive and straight forward. I recommended her to many of my friends. Contact her without any hesitation. It should have a very positive impact on you."


November 2016, Niort, France
"Lorsque que j'abandonne ce que je suis, Je deviens ce que je peux être."